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Excellent!! I had a wonderful experience from the massage (which put me to sleep) to the adjustment. Dr. Brumfield put his schedule on hold to see me, and for that I am extremely grateful! Dr. Brumfield is knowledgeable, welcoming, and has a great sense of humor. I shall be back and i will be sending some friends and family your way!!


I absolutely LOVE Dr. Brumfield. I came there in excruciating pain. However, I left there feeling on cloud nine. I would most definitely recommend Brumfield Sports & Family Wellness .


My Back ached terribly! I was experiencing pain near my scapula/ shoulder blade for about 48hrs. The pain would transferred up through my neck and right side of my arm. Even after a massage , it was Difficult to move . After meeting with the doctor, the pain reduced by 90%. After 24hrs, the pain was gone completely!

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